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SAVANNAHS are hybrids that were created back in the 1980's. They were
created by breeding the African Serval with a domestic  cat. These cats are
very active and intelligent and you will never have a dull moment with one
of them in your home. Savannahs can weigh between approx. 9lbs to
early generations (F1 and F2 ) getting up to 22lbs.
We breed show and pet quality  F6 SBT Savannahs .   Savannahs are   
domestic cats and are registered with T.I.C.A
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BENGALS are cats that were derived by breeding the
Asian Leopard cat with the Domestic cat.  
Their leopard spotted coloring gives them the look of "
", but these loving affectionate domestic
cats make great house pets. All our kittens are raised in our
home & underfoot. Bengals are very active, high
energy cats and as a rule are not couch potatoes. These cats
can weigh from approxmatly 8lbs to some males weighing as
much as 18lbs. Bengals can come in many colors such as
brown spotted tabby, silver, snow and marble. We breed for
temperament, beauty and that wild exotic look. Our kittens are
guaranteed healthy.  We are a T.I.C.A. Registered cattery. We
have Bengal cats and kittens for sale in Central Florida.
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Snow Bengal boy "Apollo" son of our  RW SGC " Titan "
F6 Savannahs
F6 Savannah
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